The Casino Tournaments allows you to create a tournament with a starting and ending date.

An important tool which allows you to increase the incomes in the casino section is the Casino Tournaments.

You will be able to customize the tournament by choosing the list of the slots which will participate in the promotion.

In order to create a promotion you will just need to choose a name for the tournament, the slots and the jackpot which will be divided into different prizes, also in this case chosen by you.

You just have to enter the start date, the end date, the total jackpot, the number of the persons in the ranking and also the minimum amount to bet in order to participate in the tournament.

Also, you can always view the ranking with the username of the players, the position and the real time prize.

Casino Tournaments tool
casino tool tournaments

Advantages for the bookmaker

From the bookmaker perspective, of course the advantage is the possibility of increasing the incomes in the casino category, by reaching out the RTP requested for each slot, so between the 2 and 6% of profits are assured for each tournament organized.

Advantages for the Players

Most online game tournaments offer players a very different environment than they would encounter in running games in classic mode. Among the many advantages there is certainly that of being able to aspire to very high prizes with a relatively small expense.

Finally, given the nature of online tournaments, it is noticeable that luck plays a less important role than it normally is. In fact, by competing against other players during the competition, elements such as strategy and intuition acquire a relevant importance

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