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With over a decade and a half in the dynamic world of gambling, Sirplay stands as a pivotal Sportsbook and Gaming Provider. Established in 2005, our legacy is built on supplying a vast array of betting establishments—from bookmakers to lotteries collectively in regulated territories.

“Envision a team where creativity intersects strategy, where the technologically savvy unite with expert communicators, all sharing an unbridled passion for online gaming. That’s us at Sirplay, tirelessly propelling our clients’ triumphs to remarkable heights in the industry.”


Why has Sirplay ascended as the preeminent International Software House? The answer is encapsulated within our sophisticated gaming platform—a testament to our enduring dedication. Fifteen years of specialist insights have culminated in elite services catered to over 40 distinguished bookmakers across 11 nations globally.









Empowering the Sports Enthusiast:

Our Mission and Vision Our mission is straightforward: to craft a highly esteemed brand identity cherished by the devoted community of sports enthusiasts, furnishing a lucrative avenue for them to capitalize on their passions. Our vision sets our aspirations higher, aiming to be the foremost provider for the well-recognized, fervent sports aficionado across the globe.


Our competitive advantage

The Competitive Edge in Every Wager Advertising prowess and premium services set the stage, but for bettors, the true spectacle is the potential for the win.

Sirplay has forged a proprietary mathematical risk management algorithm that, over the last decade and a half, has been refined continually. This relentless pursuit for precision has paid dividends: our algorithm’s accuracy and reliability are unmatched. Presently, it shields the stakes of over a million bets daily, and it is this secret formula that assures all Sirplay partners conclude each fiscal month with positive revenue streams.

In a revolutionary advancement, we have unveiled ‘Nash AI’ at the tail end of 2023. Nash AI symbolizes our artificial intelligence powerhouse—cultivating the apex of risk management within the sports betting arena. Sirplay constantly evolves, and Nash AI is the vanguard of this relentless progression.

Our Stamp of Quality: Sirplay Is Certified

Dedication to compliance is at the core of Sirplay’s ethos. Our applications not only meet but exceed the rigorous standards set by varying jurisdictions. With our Sports Betting System rigorously tested and certified by the industry’s esteemed entities, we’ve secured 4 certifications with more on the horizon.


Strategic Alliances:

Our Partners At Sirplay, the pursuit of superior gaming experiences is ceaseless. Our strategic alliances with preeminent gaming and entertainment entities assure an exceptional and exclusive gaming journey for both clients and players. By integrating a comprehensive suite of games—from slots, and table games, to live casinos and fantasy sports—we facilitate an engaging and diverse betting environment that’s accessible on desktop and mobile platforms.

The bookmaker benefits from swift integration, scaling flexibility, and peak performance augmented by the utmost in security and reliability. Our game offering is unparalleled, setting the bar for the industry’s gaming solutions.

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    What is Sports Betting Software?
    Sports Betting Software is designed based on the user’s markets and selections. Moreover, our experts are always available to deliver the best customer service to you anything, relating to learning your necessities and the market prerequisites. Likewise, we deal with every step of the development process, rendering to you a total and performing Sportsbook Platform.


    What are the Main features of Sports Betting software?
    There are countless tools accessible for users to manage this Sports Betting software. The outline below is the most impressive and important features to contend online in the global field:

    • All famous Global Sports – it contains every league and every betting market such as 150.000 pre-match as well as 75.000 in-play month to month.
    • Automated Trading Tools – This feature gives users control of their odds ladders, suspensions, margins, etc.
    • Odds Service – This feature takes sports information Application Programming interface (API) to another level. It features a 100 percent exact pre-match and quickest live information odds feeds at the most minimal inactivity.

    Other Features are Extra Tools, Mission developer, and many Marketing tools.


    What is a sportsbook software?
    A sportsbook software is a service which allows players to place bets on the different sports available worldwide.
    Sirplay sportsbook software offers 150,000 pre-match events with more than 80 categories, and up to 70,000 live events per month. Your users will appreciate the huge variety of odds and mixed bets.


    What is white label gaming platform?
    The white label gaming platform is the ideal solution for Operators that want to create their own brand and handle a casino platform with tens of providers already integrated and thousands of slot and casino games available in many currencies and languages.


    What is a turnkey casino?
    A turnkey casino is a solution ready to go live and your players will have the chance to play as in real casino. With Sirplay turnkey casino solution, your players will never get bored with more than 150 providers and different games such as live casino, lottery, virtual games and many other.


    What is a casino white label?
    A casino white label solution is the perfect solution for the operators who want to work with online casinos.
    Thanks to its experience, Sirplay casino white label, will offer certified and secure casino games.
    Sirplay Casino white label allows you to customize the casino based on your favourite language and currency.


    What is a white label sportsbook?
    A white label sportsbook is a sports betting platform that can be customised and rebranded by the Operator, based on the target markets chosen. Sirplay counts with a rich and complete betting offer, including over 150,000 pre-match events with more than 80 categories, thousands of live events and many must have features like the cashout, rebet, shock absorber and more.


    What is a white label betting site?
    A white label betting site is a fully customised platform. Sirplay’s white label betting site provides certified games, bonus system, payment gateways. The User Interface content, language and currency are based on your choice, indeed Sirplay makes available different graphic templates, features and tools.


    What do we offer as the best Sports Betting Software provider?

    • Appropriate Verification Strategies KYC, supported by the regulatory organizations
    • Effective online payments options for gambling, in addition to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
    • Excellent affiliate marketing tools, and profitable referral system
    • Accessible social media platform, Mobile and Web Pop-up messages, and In-Application Informing
    • Strong Registration and Verification for Player Record Controls and detection algorithm for Fraudulent Accounts
    • Detection of instant IP address area data via geolocation tools

    Subsequently, the only spotlight of users of this Sports betting software will be on the establishment and managing of the retail betting shops as well as the online networks.


    What are the affiliate systems on the Sports Betting Software?
    Indeed, there are 5 different levels on the sports betting software network that is accessible:

    • Platform Administrator Level
      This level is the admittance to the backend. Likewise, it makes different gets to the Administrative center with restricted honors and permissions is additionally conceivable).
    • Reseller Level
      This level is for expert-agent managing numerous betting shops. As a result, there are commission benefits on the shop’s turnover or Earns.
    • Betting Shop Level
      This level refers to the actual place where players can play, deposit, and so forth. Through this record, it is feasible to put down bets and procure commission on turnover or profits.
    • Cashier Level
      This level suitably describes betting shops’ representatives, ready to engage bets without acquiring any commissions.
    • Online player Level
      This level denotes players who have an account by registering at the betting game online or at a shop, and also place bets.


    Can a network of betting shops/players participate in migration?
    Indeed, the migration from the current network to another is conceivable. Moreover, we have incorporated different tools to ensure users’ information migrates successfully, simply converse with our specialized team. Whenever users have defined the data export approach, then the importing of the structure is implemented on our own end.


    Is possible to offer sports betting services in the gambling clubs?
    We have numerous betting packages for both online and land-based organizations. If you own a physical-center club and you might want to offer sports betting too. Indeed, our retail level arrangement will be the ideal decision since it will permit us to set up cashier’s accounts to deal with the sports betting tickets deal.


    What are the available Bitcoin sportsbook?
    Ultimately, there are two accessible methods of the Bitcoin sportsbook:

    Option 1: Utilize BTC as the platform cash and permit players to put down bets in mBTC.
    Option 2: Utilize BTC as a deposit technique and bet in Government issued money.


    Can traders have access to complete management of the odds and the margins?
    Essentially, the backend counts with numerous features, reports, and tools that will give a total perspective on the sports betting activity. Thus, there is a committed segment to the management odds, through which it is feasible to alter the margins, variety, and odds based on market, match as well as the championship.

    Other questions?