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Gaming Africa: a resume and our exclusive presentation about DFS potential in Africa

Gaming Africa just finished, and we are here to share our experience on the new conference dedicated to the African gaming market and our presentation focused on DFS potential in the African market.

First of all, it’s important to thank Clarion Gaming for the opportunity to actively participate as a sponsor of the event, and all the operators and regulation bodies present at the Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre.

Our experience at the conference was short but intense. Indeed, our African representative, Joseph O. Oyekunle took part at the event having a panel dedicated to Daily Fantasy Sports – DFS potential in the African Gaming market.

The panel was a way to share our knowledge with African operators. We believe DFS could be a game-changer for the region, indeed, it merges sportsbook with virtual, nowadays two of the most played games in the region. The panel started with DFS evolution to go straight to player and operator advantages, and the reasons why it could be the perfect match for the African market. Later on, Benjamin Carlotti, a DFS expert, helped us show concretely how it is simple to play DFS. Here below, the slides presented during our panel “DFS: history, growth and potential”

The conference has been very productive since many people have shown their interest in the DFS potential, already known as “the next big thing”. Concluding, we can say the event was the perfect occasion to network with the insiders of the African gaming market and for us, it was a successful convention. We’d like to thank all the Gaming Africa’s participants and organizers for the great time spent together.

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