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Custom-made Sports Betting software solution with Odds Trading & Tools. It is tailored to the specific market and preferences of the customer and provides a complete Sportsbook Platform.

Our specialists will work alongside you, learning your needs and the market requirements, and taking care of each step of the building up process.

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Sports Betting software Main features

The tools we put at your disposal to manage our betting software are hundreds, here we list the most powerful and above all those necessary to compete online in the international arena:

  • All popular worldwide sports, all leagues, and all betting markets including 150.000 pre-match and 75.000 in-play monthly. 
  • Automated trading tools that give you control of your own margins, suspensions, odds ladders and more.
  • Odds service takes sports data API to a new level. With 100% accurate pre-match and fastest live data odds feeds at the lowest latency.
  • Bonus Tools, Campaign builder and many Marketing tools
  • Can be integrated via API or iFrame

Which will be the benefits?
Let us Explain

Take advantage of running Online and Retail betting platform starting an Online Betting platform can be tricky!

That is why we have created a complete Sports betting software environment, with the best Odds providers with the aim of offering you the widest coverage: 60 different sports, monthly events 150,000 pre-match, 75,000 in-play plus real-time data for 2,000 include e-sports markets.

Our regulated partners receive all the support they need to enter the online Betting industry and are provided with Branded/ Non-Branded versions of our platforms.

With extensive risk management tools to enable a quick and easy set-up, which is ready to grow as your business does.

The management of online players and betting shops has never been so simple!

Sports betting software platform

Complete Sports Betting software

What have we got for you?

  •  Verification Procedures KYC, approved by the regulatory bodies
  • Gambling payment gateways, including Bitcoin and crypto currencies
  • Affiliate marketing tools, referral system, and social media
  • Mobile Push Notifications, Web Push Notifications and In-App Messaging
  • Player Account Controls, Registration and Verification, Fraudulent Accounts detections system
  • Geolocation tools to extract IP address location information

Your sole focus will be on the setting up and creation of the retail betting shops and online networks.

sports betting software Desktop tablet and mobile
crypto sports betting software

Crypto sports betting software

The sports betting software version is also available in Crypto:
Web3 sportsbook ecosystem is a fusion of Businesses between sports betting, Casino, NFT and Decentralized crypto wallets or Dapps.

We also offer Crypto Sportsbook with Decentralized Sports Betting ecosystem and gaming token.

Crypto sports betting features:

  • Integrate our iframe into your NFT ecosystem.
  • 150.000 pre-match and 75.000 in-play monthly.
  • Thousands of Casino games also suitable for the metaverse
  • Any Wallet including those of web 3.0 like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Argent, Ledger, MyEtherWallet, Authereum and hundreds of others.


Casino and Sports Betting software

Providers 75 + more than
Slot machine 15,000 + more than
Table games 500 + more than
Video poker 700 + more than
Other games 200 + more than
Live Game Show
First Person games
American roulette live
Live blackjack
Baccarat live
Casino Hold’em live
Dragon tiger live
Andar Bahar
Teen Patti

casino sports betting
online and retail payment

Online and retail payment

We have integrated world-class payment method for gaming. Easy to use and manage your all the payment channels.

Referring to specific markets, we have integrated many payment systems and beyond Visa and Mastercard, accepted in UK, Spain, Gibraltar, Schleswig-Holstein Germany, Sweden we have already available:
Interswitch, Sobflous, NiuBiz, Yacare, Flutterwave Online Payment Gateway available anywhere in the world.
Paystack Modern online and offline payments. PayU Online payment services. Mercado Pago
Just apply for a Merchant ID to activate the already integrated services.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
Our sports betting software solutions accepts all the cryptocurrencies currently existing.

If there are specific needs and requests, we can integrate new payment systems.

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    Sports Betting Software FAQs

    Can I operate a sportsbook in any territory?

    The sports betting market is regulated by the Countries, States or Provinces. Each territory has its own rules and Authorities, in some countries the sports betting is still not regulated or illegal. So, before starting building up a betting platform, it is important to get informed and apply for a license, whether needed.

    Can I manage both the online betting and retail betting operations?

    Managing online players and betting shops is possible through our backend. Indeed, the backoffice counts with many reports and features that allow to have a complete reporting of the activities carried out by Players and Agents, online and in real time

    Is the betting software suitable for online operations?

    Players will be able to register online, using the form available on the website. Furthermore, if you wish to grant commissions to agents and betting shop owners who promote your bookmaker online, on websites or magazines, you can create a betting shop account for the promoter and generate a link to the registration page which includes the agency affiliation code by default. All players who register using that link will be grouped under the betting shop's network.

    Do you provide the Bitcoin sportsbook?

    Yes sure. There are two options available:
    Use BTC as the platform currency and allow players to place bets in mBTC.
    Use BTC as a deposit method and bet in FIAT currency.

    Can I have full management of the odds and the margins?

    The backend counts with many tools, features and reports that will provide a complete view of the sports betting activity. There is a dedicated section to the odds management, through which it is possible to edit the margins, multiplicity and odds per market, match and/or championship.

    What products do you offer?

    Our core business is the Sports Betting, in fact our sports betting software is an in-house product and it has been developed by our IT team since 2005. In addition to the Sport product we also offer live betting, casino, live casino, lotteries and virtual games so as to offer "all in one" solutions to our customers.

    Do you have the Mobile version?

    The gaming platform is responsive, so it suits all the mobile devices. Players can bet, deposit, view the bets list and carry out many different operations sailing the platform from their mobile devices. Furthermore, we have our Application for iOS and Android.

    Do you have the cashout feature?

    Yes, we have the cashout. It is possible to define a minimum number of events in the ticket to activate the cashout. With one event still in progress in the ticket, the players can cash out a percentage of the winning generated by the events set as won.

    Do you offer affiliate systems?

    Yes, indeed our software network is based on 5 levels:
    Platform administrator - the access to the backend (it is also possible to create other accesses to the Back office with limited privileges and permissions).
    Reseller - a master-agent supervising several betting shops. Earning commissions on shop’s turnover or profits.
    Betting shop - it represents the physical point where players can play, deposit, etc. Through this account it is possible to place bets and earn commission on turnover or profits.
    Cashier, the profile for the betting shops's employees, able to place bets without earning any commissions.
    Online player, register your game account online or at a shop, place bets.

    Can I add some features, reports and pages to the sports betting software?

    The betting software includes a wide range of reports, pages and banners that can be customized (CMS) or developed upon request. If you would like us to develop a new feature, we will work alongside you creating a tailored project: collection of information and details, submission of the project/rendering, testing and final release.

    Can I migrate my network of betting shops / players?

    Yes, it is possible to migrate an existing network. We count with various tools to migrate your data, just talk to our technical team and once you have defined how to export your data, we will take care of importing your structure.

    Can I offer the sports betting services in the casinos I have in my country?

    We have several betting solutions for both the online and land-based businesses. If you own a land-based casino and you would like to offer sports betting as well, our retail solution will be the right choice since it will allow to create cashiers accounts to manage the sports betting tickets sale.

    Do you have banking and payment gateway services available?

    All the sports betting solutions provided by Sirplay are integrated with many different payment gateways. Aside from the FIAT currencies, we have also integrated a Bitcoin wallet to deposit in over 40 different crypto-currencies. And if you want to use a specific PSP, no issues, we will make the integration for you!

    What payment processors are available?

    The software has a feature that allows you to manually top up and issue vouchers that can be sold at the betting shops, against the payment of cash or POS payment on site. It is also possible to print prepaid cards that can be sold in points of sale and betting shops.

    Referring to specific markets, we have integrated many payment systems and beyond Visa and Mastercard, we have already available: PayU, Flutterwave, Paystack, Interswitch, UbPay, Sobflous, NiuBiz and Yacare. Just apply for a Merchant ID to activate the already integrated services.

    If there are specific needs and requests, we can integrate new payment systems.

    What is 'sports betting software'?

    Sports betting software is a digital solution that bookmakers use to manage odds, bets, user accounts, and gaming outcomes for sports events.

    Can I use my logo and brand colors?

    Yes you can. We provide different solutions based on your specific requirements. Indeed, we can create bespoke solutions collecting your requests and setting up a project for you or we can provide a turnkey solution, modifying your brand colors and logo only.

    How do I change my current software provider?

    If you already manage a sportsbook and you would like to switch to our sports betting platform, we will make sure that everything is properly managed, we will prepare a migration plan. The players’ personal data will be uploaded into the new platform and the switch will be planned in order to complete the migration in a few hours.

    I would like to have a fully customized solution, is it possible?

    Sirplay makes available a team of experts for the setting up of a fully customized sports betting platform. Indeed, an Account Manager will collect the requirements and coordinate the project with the other team members: the Project Manager, the Graphics Designer and the IT Manager.

    How do I change my current software provider?

    If you already manage a sportsbook and you would like to switch to our sports betting platform, we will make sure that everything is properly managed, we will prepare a migration plan. The players’ personal data will be uploaded into the new platform and the switch will be planned in order to complete the migration in a few hours.

    Why do bookmakers need specialized sports betting software?

    Bookmakers require reliable sports betting software to handle large volumes of transactions, ensure betting integrity, and provide real-time updates for a better customer experience.

    Can sports betting software integrate with existing gaming platforms?

    Yes, most sports betting software solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing gaming platforms, enhancing functionality and user engagement.

    Is sports betting software mobile-friendly?

    High-quality sports betting software is mobile-optimized to enable users to place bets and track games on smartphones and tablets from any location.

    What security features are crucial in sports betting software?

    Essential security features include data encryption, secure payment gateways, fraud detection systems, and compliance with gaming regulations.

    What features does Sports Betting Software offer?

    Sports Betting Software can provide features such as data-driven predictions, simulations, betting trends, odds comparisons, and more. It can also offer detailed analysis of past games and upcoming matchups to help bettors make more informed decisions.. We specialize in setting up and creating retail betting shops and online networks. This includes KYC procedures approved by regulatory bodies, gambling payment gateways such as Bitcoin and crypto currencies, affiliate marketing tools, referral systems and social media, mobile push notifications, web push notifications and in-app messaging, player account controls, registration and verification processes, fraud detection systems, and geolocation tools to extract IP address location information.

    Is Sports Betting Software legal?

    Yes, Sports Betting Software is legal and is used by many professional sports bettors. However, it is important to make sure that you are using the software in compliance with any applicable laws in your jurisdiction

    How much does Sports Betting Software cost?

    The cost of Sports Betting Software varies depending on the features and services offered. There are various plans depending on whether you already have a high volume of play, or you want to be an agent with your own network of players.

    Do providers offer customized sports betting software solutions?

    Many providers offer customized sports betting software, enabling bookmakers to adapt features, branding, and functionality to their specific requirements.

    What kind of customer support comes with sports betting software?

    Reputable sports betting software providers offer comprehensive customer support, including technical assistance, updates, and maintenance services.

    Other questions?

    Ask a Sirplay expert