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FADJA: Fifth Success in a Row

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FADJA, Feria Americana de Juegos de Azar, went on during April 10th and 11th and it was a success. Expecting something different would be hard to believe since it is one of the most important trade show of the Gaming Business. This year, Sirplay celebrated this year its fifth consecutive anniversary of attendance in Colombia’s trade show.
This year target was achieved. Sirplay wanted to express gratitude towards Colombia, an amazing country to work with.
Latin America is definitely the region Sirplay loves because of common values to share and renew every time.


The show FADJA has been a useful successful trade show by Sirplay. It was tough, energy intensive and effective. Indeed, The difference maker in this show is given by the energy. Only those who can keep on par with the attendees can achieve, and scored up until the buzzer.
The company was proud to have received important guests.
From CEOs and Top Management of companies that work together with Sirplay in the development of our industry. Not forgetting the new potential business partners met at the show.
It was a pleasure to spend a good time with them, and a foreseeable future of collaboration is the goal of the Maltese company.
Unarguably, new challenges will be ahead and new goals are the continuous stimulus to the firm’s quest.
Those, are the things Sirplay live and strive for. Those are the values brought at FADJA.
Fixing, improving, obtaining the consensus of the Operators of Latin America is not easy. Thus, the firm is proud to say that hard work and time are paying off those who believed. And more will be the ones who will appreciate the work ethic and the energy that Sirplay brings.


A new chapter of this journey is about to begin. This is the reason Sirplay has decided to keep the target and the path clear as it was. The next months to come will be important to update the User Interface of SBS. This user interface will make every business person who owns a Sirplay platform pride of the business they own. Obviously, hard work and time will make the job done. A New UI will be the groundwork of the great results Sirplay wants to achieve.

To learn more about the iGaming industry, you can visit the Facebook page or YouTube Channel to get a deeper understanding of the Sirplay world. For each operator interested to know more, mail in order to know more about.

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