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Legal Gaming in Brazil

Brazil can attract more than 70 Million users in its first year with a 55.65% Internet Penetration Rate and 15% Games and Sports spenditure.



Finally, Gaming in Brazil is legal. A because of that, Wednesday 21 November 2018 is another day to remember for Online Betting.

Brazil Chambers of Deputies and Senate voted the Provisional Measure 846/2018, which authorized the Ministry of Finance to regulate and license land-based and online Sports Betting. This happened after years of issues that allowed many to question a final word on legal Sports Betting.

Key Numbers

This update has spawn on the internet pretty much everywhere and shocked everybody, but did not surprise Sirplay at all. We knew that 2018 would have been the year of United States of America and Brazil.

So, what about Brazil Online Gaming market? Up today, The country of Ordem e Progresso has an estimated potential of more than four billion USD.

Brazil can attract more than 70 Million users in its first year with a 55.65% Internet Penetration Rate and 15% Games and Sports spenditure.

How-To Be Successful in Brazil

Sirplay set up its eyes on USA and Brazil for so long. Studying and analyzing the market for years led us to a conclusion we cannot wait for share. So, here is a Sneek Peek of what the future of Brazil Sports Betting will be:

The numbers grow dizzily in the next three years. The main problem of Brazil will be overcome after 2022 when the share of people who will have access to the internet will rise dramatically, compatibly with actions that will favor the development of infrastructures.

Yet, reaching the local populations is possible thanks to a good Investment in Terminals and the development of Network Operators that guarantee a broader coverage. In essence, what will happen in Brazil is much closer to the competitive African landscape than to the South American one.

Developing and releasing R-PLAY in 2018 was essential to USA. A new powerful Platform for a market with as many uncertainties for Online Gaming as certainties for Land-Based apparatus. Sirplay believes that the Platform can be successful in 2019 in both countries.

We got in touch with Brazil and USA in 2018 at BgC and ICE Sports Betting USA. The upraising movement is about to explode, and Sirplay wants to be part of it.

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