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Sports Betting West Africa, see you next time!

Last 17-19 July took place Sports Betting West Africa, in Lagos. As a main character of the sector in the country, it was impossible for Sirplay to miss the chance to take part in the summit dedicated to the African Sportsbook industry.

Indeed, the company has a five-years long experience in Nigeria beyond its Lagos-based office, proof of the will to be close to its customers and strengthen its relationships with them.

The summit didn’t disappoint our high expectations; on the contrary, it was a success for Sirplay which was rewarded among 15 platform providers with the Show Stopper Award by Eventus International.

The event got the company in touch with more than 20 potential clients, all confirming the uniqueness of the brand, identified for its good and affordable services and for having the largest client base in Nigeria.

Concluding, the summit was an interest-bearing occasion for the company that strengthens its already-high awareness in the country.

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