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Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Betting | What are decentralized sports betting technologies

Bitcoin Betting: Everything you need to know about decentralized sports betting technologies

Decentralized Sports Betting

The world of bitcoin betting is growing faster every day, and we are seeing a shift from the traditional sportsbook towards decentralized sports betting platforms. Our short guide will introduce you to the future of crypto-gambling.
If you are new to betting with cryptocurrencies, you can easily book a strategy session with one of our experts. With 15 years of experience in the business, we can help you reach your goals and navigate the market.

Pros of decentralized sports betting platforms

What are the advantages of a decentralized sports betting? These are only a few of the numerous features bitcoin betting has, but definitely our favourite characteristics. This innovative way of betting is incredibly convenient, both for bookmakers and for bookers.

  1. Clients can deposit and withdraw funds instantly and anonymously: undoubtedly the number one advantage of decentralized sports betting.
  2. Crypto sportsbooks come with extremely safe payment methods and do not have any transaction fees, thanks to the use of blockchain technology.
  3. The platform developed by Sirplay allows the integration of multiple cryptocurrencies, there is no limit to bitcoin betting!
  4. Bitcoins and cryptocurrency can be converted to the desired currency, and vice versa, during the deposit process
  5. Our decentralized sports betting software is completely customizable and brandable with our white label plan.

Cons of betting with cryptocurrency

The reality of bitcoin betting and cryptocurrency is still growing, and not many users are aware of its benefits, let alone the (few) disadvantages that it has.

  1. The current low notoriety of bitcoin betting is reflected in the still limited number of platforms that have adopted cryptocurrency as a payment method
  2. With great immediacy, comes great responsibility: in decentralized betting transactions are non-refundable
  3. Cryptocurrency – as everything in economics – is volatile, but fear not! Our experts in online betting are here to help you.

Why bitcoin and cryptocurrency betting?

With the rise of these impressive technologies, it would be limiting to stick to the old gambling world, don’t you think? The advantages of decentralized sports betting and bitcoin betting are incredible, don’t lose the opportunity to be among the first to use our betting software. We are gaming solutions experts, constantly evolving and updating our knowledge of the gambling industry. We offer our clients the best professionals in the business and our own mathematical algorithm for risk management.

The future of crypto gambling is here, become a major player today.

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