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SAM 3.0 – sports betting mobile for Android and POS handled

Sirplay betting terminal SAM 3.0

Sirplay will launch SAM 3.0 sports betting mobile for Android and POS handled at BiG in Cape Town

After the important Argentinean deal at the end of summer, we will be in in South Africa for our first time at the BiG in Cape Town on October, the most important event linked to the i-gaming in the African continent. The conference will be held in Cape Town on the 24th – 26th October 2016.
In South Africa, sports betting is a very popular activity and the gambling regulation is well structured and developed. The country has nine provinces, each one having its own regulatory body.  In this country, the BiG Africa Summit, arrived this year to its fourth edition, is the Gaming industry’s premier opportunity to gather under one roof and exchange knowledge and experiences about the South African Betting and iGaming markets.
Here we focuse on the understanding our clients’ need and offer bespoke yet dynamic solutions.

The BiG will also be the opportunity to the launch of SAM 3.0 (Subordinate Agency Machine), the latest new technology in Sirplay home, that just through the Internet connection and few steps to follow allows in a very fast and intuitive way to place online bets from anywhere in the world using a simple app. This lets create an infinite number of mobile betting cashiers, since the new terminal has the potential of an Android smartphone equipped with the POS and an integrated printer to release the bet tickets.

Thanks to a simple App everyone, anywhere, can place bets by connecting to the Sirplay’s sports betting platforms.
This is just one of our projects about the mobile applications. Sirplay is going to explore this new world aiming at realising new cutting-edge products through the development of the great potentialities of the apps’ universe.

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