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Sports Betting Mauritius

Sports betting in Mauritius a practical guide on how to apply for a bookmaker license and development opportunities in the country.

Sports Betting Mauritius

Mauritius, an Indian Ocean island nation, is known for its beaches, lagoons, reefs and wildlife, but we want to talk about how the government has regulated bookmakers and sports betting. Sports Betting in Mauritius was legalised with the enactment of the Gambling Regulatory Authority Act in 2007. Gambling Regulatory Authority issued its first licence for conducting fixed odds betting on Football matches taking place outside Mauritius. 

Currently, there are many bookmakers licenced to offer bets on foreign football matches in Mauritius.

Each Bookmaker is authorised to operate a Head Office and an authorised number of betting shops.

The bookmakers operate in accordance with the conditions of licence lissued by the Gambling Regulatory Authority.

A very brief summary of licence’s conditions:

  • There are opening and closing times for betting shops.
  • The minimum stake for a bet should be Rs 10.
  • The sum total of the odds for a book of Rs 500 should not be less than Rs 560.
  • System needs to be properly configured to interface with Central Electronic Monitoring System (CEMS).
  • The payment of any unclaimed funds to the National Solidarity Fund submit to the Gambling Regulatory Authority a certified statement showing the particulars of the amount paid.

Most of the betting shops are concentrated in the main cities: Port Louis, Beau Bassin-Rose Hill, Curepipe, Quatre Bornes, Rivière Noire, Vacoas-Phoenix.

Mauritius Country SWOT

Licensed partner
Agent Affiliation system
Does not need technological readiness
Sports betting recognition

Investment in Terminals
Pioneering the Online Market
Early investment in Mobile app

Trans-national Joint Ventures
Difficulties in receiving payments due
to the bank procedures.

No based Key Account Managers
Lack of Terminals which would allow to reach local areas
Low Internet penetration rate (rural areas)
Low RUPEE – USD conversion Rate

Development opportunities

Betting shop affiliation system
A 100% land-based market, with expensive Internet services and low level of education, requires a very user friendly and simple betting system that allows agents and cashiers to insert the tickets in a few steps and with optimized shortcuts. Sirplay’s land-based software is perfect for this market.

Betting handheld terminals
The main need of this Operator was to be able to offer the sports betting products to the agents. Aside from operating through regular betting shops, the Master Reseller created a network of cashiers selling betting tickets on the streets, through the usage of handheld terminals

Sirplay provides Sports Betting Software for bookmakers and lotteries in regulated markets.

We customize every aspect of your operation precisely to your market and preferences, our specialists will work alongside you, learning your needs and the market requirements, and taking care of each step of the building up process, delivering to you a complete and performing Sportsbook Platform.

Connect with a Sirplay expert for a detailed discussion about how our services might give benefits to your Betting business and create your own strategy.

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