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Sirplay launched its first Bitcoin sportsbook software fully converted in the cryptocurrency in 2017, the perfect bookie solution to let players bet in Bitcoin.

Nowadays, Bitcoin is a fully-fledged currency, so why you should not allow your players to bet in Bitcoins? Sirplay gives the chance to all the most innovative bookmakers to start their own Bitcoin sportsbook business.

Sirplay understood the opportunities of Bitcoin in the betting industry time ago, using the crypto-currency as a method of payment in its white-label sportsbook software.  Now, we are lifting the gauntlet offering a Bitcoin sports betting software completely converted in cryptocurrency, where players can bet using their cryptocurrencies.

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Get your white-label Bitcoin sportsbook software with our features:

  • Privacy and anonymity respected
  • Branding and customization included
  • Blockchain and commission fees Management
  • The best international partners for casino and virtual games
  • Thousands of games and matches available
  • Two weeks to set it up!

How to use bitcoin in your sports betting software

Sirplay sportsbook provider offers two ways to switch your betting platform in a Bitcoin betting solution: use it as a payment method option or as your currency. The difference seems slight but it’s massive.

Payment Method

Bitcoins can be converted to the Sportsbook currency during the depositing process, the wallet will be credited in the same way as using debit/credit cards or online payment processors.

bitcoin as payment method or currency


Bitcoin can be used as a currency for your betting software, using the cryptocurrency in the whole business cycle, avoiding trading dangers and managing your own commissions.


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We welcome new trends and customers’ requests as opportunities to upgrade and reaffirm our products and reliability into the gambling market.


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