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How to open your own online white label Casino with cryptocurrency

Online betting is growing bigger by the minute, and at Sirplay we keep our eyes on the ball. Amongst our latest news, we developed a brandable, customizable software, that allows the best experience for the user – and the owner.
So, if you are looking to launch your own online white label casino, look no further!

Online White Label Casino with Cryptocurrency

Take the first steps towards the creation of your own online white label casino. With Sirplay you too can construct your crypto casino white label.

Getting Started with a White Label Casino

The first key steps in the industry might seem hard to identify, and we are here to help.

  1. Drive, passion and investment aside, the first thing you need is a reliable crypto casino white label software provider. And who better than Sirplay? With our complete casino environment, you will be able to create a formidable experience for the user.
  2. The second main step is to obtain an online gambling license. Jurisdiction differs from country to country (and from continent to continent), and you should choose the one that aligns best with your needs.
  3. The third main step is the choice of a payment gateway service provider. This is a central step to ensure the success of your platform. With our software you will be able to ensure multiple payment options, including one of the most popular ones for an online casino: cryptocurrency.

Branding your Crypto Casino White Label

Every investor wants to leave their mark on their white label casino, but not all software providers allow their customers a full brandable and customizable crypto casino white label as Sirplay does. Not only we provide one of the fastest and most stable performing platforms, but its features are incredible, because we think that every online Casino should have at least these characteristics:

  • Mobile Push Notifications, Web Push Notifications and In-App Messaging
  • Player Account Controls, Registration and Verification, Fraudulent Accounts detections system
  • Geolocation tools to extract IP address location information
  • Numerous payment getaways, including multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Affiliate marketing tools, referral system, and social media

And if you need counselling or help in building your crypto casino, our experts are just a click away. With 15 years in the business, we can guide you towards success.

Cryptocurrency and White Label Casino

In 2022 the importance of cryptocurrency is becoming clearer and clearer, and a white label casino is definitely not up to the standards without this payment option.

At Sirplay we guarantee that your crypto casino is way above the standards, and that you will be the one blowing away the competition.

What are you waiting for? Contact us and start your business today!

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