Online Casino Software

The online casino software is simple as our platform is easy to manage plus you will be competitive by offering thousands of casino games. Our staff will assist you in all phases from initial training to production start-up.

The marketing team will ensure that your online casino is featured on the front page and we guarantee you high visibility online.

The online casino platform will be delivered with ready-to-use games moreover the monitoring tools will give you a clear view of the progress of your new business.


This is a theme and can be customized, see it in action:

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Live Casino Software

The world’s best selection of leading Live Casino providers

The widest selection of live tables online and multi-channel delivery.

Live Casino providers
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Casino Software Main features

Our casino software platform leads the market, giving bookmakers complete control and visibility of their players from one central location.

Features include:

  1. Visibility and control over table ranges.
  2. Game table attributes and settings.
  3. VIP limits.
  4. Client functionality and access to our customization tools.
  5. Reporting mechanism and notification system that gives operators immediate access and alerts to operational notifications
  6. API for Business intelligence BI
  7. Marketing tools
  8. Web3, Crypto, Metamask and many others web3 wallets.
  9. API for external integration

Our customization tool allows bookmakers to change a variety of elements of their live offerings in real time, including banners, fonts and colors with easy-to-use controls.

The new platform is an autonomous, agile and flexible system that allows us to respond directly to bookmakers’ requests and even higher quality standards in our development of new and existing products.

In order to speed up your business, we offer White Label Casino with more than 30,000 games, gaming license and legal Services to start the Casino business.

Crypto casino software

We develop Crypto Casino software in Bitcoin and USDT our games catalog consists of over 30,000 titles all usable through the main online channels and are also suitable for the metaverse:

  1. Any Wallet including those of web 3.0 like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Argent, Ledger, MyEtherWallet, Authereum and hundreds of others.
  2. Any Dapps the most famous such as: Binance DEX, PancakeSwap,
  3. Can be integrated via API or iFrame

With extensive risk management tools to enable a quick and easy set-up, which is ready to grow as your business does, for others details go to Crypto Casino

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Sportsbook iFrame integration with other platforms

External integration with other platforms through iFrame & APIs

Our platform can be easily integrated through iFrame or APIs. It can also be converted in a full services integration, a sports betting solution or just casino games as well as live casino.

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    Can I accept crypto in the casino software?

    Yes, of course. Our Casino can accept all crypto existing on the market, moreover it can also be full Web3, in practice your players directly use their wallet as a metask and other known wallets to deposit and withdraw crypto.


    What is a turnkey casino software?

    A turnkey casino software is a solution ready to go live and your players will have the chance to play as in real casino. Your players will never get bored with more than 150 providers and different games such as live casino, lottery, virtual games and many other.


    What is a casino white label casino software?

    A casino software white label solution is the perfect solution for the operators who want to work with online casinos.  Thanks to its experience, Sirplay casino white label, will offer certified and secure casino games. Sirplay Casino white label allows you to customize the casino based on your favourite language and currency.


    What do we offer as casino software provider?

    • Appropriate Verification Strategies KYC, supported by the regulatory organizations
    • Effective online payments options for gambling included Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
    • Excellent affiliate marketing tools, and profitable referral system
    • Accessible social media platform, Mobile and Web Pop-up messages, and In-Application Informing
    • Strong Registration and Verification for Player Record Controls and detection algorithm for Fraudulent Accounts
    • Detection of instant IP address area data via geolocation tools


    What are the affiliate systems on the Casino Software?

    Indeed, there are 5 different levels on the sports betting software network that is accessible:

    • Platform Administrator Level
      This level is the admittance to the backend. Likewise, it makes different gets to the Administrative center with restricted honors and permissions is additionally conceivable).
    • Reseller Level
      This level is for expert-agent managing numerous betting shops. As a result, there are commission benefits on the shop’s turnover or Earns.
    • Betting Shop Level
      This level refers to the actual place where players can play, deposit, and so forth. Through this record, it is feasible to put down bets and procure commission on turnover or profits.
    • Cashier Level
      This level suitably describes betting shops’ representatives, ready to engage bets without acquiring any commissions.
    • Online player Level
      This level denotes players who have an account by registering at the betting game online or at a shop, and also place bets.


    Can a network of shops/players participate in migration?

    Indeed, the migration from the current network to another is conceivable. Moreover, we have incorporated different tools to ensure users’ information migrates successfully, simply converse with our specialized team. Whenever users have defined the data export approach, then the importing of the structure is implemented on our own end.


    Is possible to offer online Casino software in the gambling clubs?

    We have numerous Casino packages for both online and land-based organizations so If you own a gambling club and you might want to offer sports betting too. Indeed, our retail level arrangement will be the ideal decision since it will permit us to set up cashier’s accounts to deal with the sports betting tickets deal.

    Other questions?